Tracer application


Tracer raster map application converts TWIG Discovery Pro to portable monitoring and control center. Tracer application allows requesting and viewing the location of any telematics instruments e.g. Locator that utilise SMS based MPTP messaging.

Tracer can be used to locate e.g. TWIG Locator, that is mounted on car, motorcycle, boat or person.

Key features of Tracer application:

  • View targets on raster map
  • Use own custom maps
  • Support for WGS84 format maps
  • Support for up to 10 map scale levels
  • Zooming & Panning of map
  • Control GPS mode of Locator & Trackbox
  • Activate target tracking, geo-fencing & position
  • Compass view to find target
  • Distance & bearing to target
  • Detailed data view of the target

TWIG Tracer data sheet (pdf)