Man Down Alert


TWIG Discovery Pro with Man Down Alert brings the emergency messaging to next level from user operated alarm button that is standard feature in all TWIG handsets. Man Down Alert module will launch emergency cycle that makes automatic call and sends position to predefined numbers in case the user is unable to do manual alarm. Alert is sent when predefined parameters are met on in-built accelerometer.

Key features of Man Down Alert:

  • Emergency cycle starting automatically
  • Emergency message via GPRS or alternately via SMS according to DIN0825
  • Dedicated emergency tones & displays gives possibility to totally loud or silent alert
  • Text on the emergency message to inform cause of alert
  • Alarm on horizontal or vertical change included with movement detection
  • Ability to use only motion based information to trigger alert
  • Adjustable movement detection
  • Temporary disabling when e.g. crawling
  • Possibility to prevent user to turn off
  • No alarm when connected to charger
  • Periodical beep tone for locating unconscious person

TWIG Discovery Pro ManDown Alert data sheet (pdf)