Downloads TGP81EU:

TWIG Configurator 2.03
  • Control TWIG device settings
  • Save settings in file
  • PC application
TWIG FirmwareLoader

  • Update device firmware
  • PC application

• Use correct Configurator and FirmwareLoader, matching your TWIG device type. Device type (TUP90EU, TCP90EU, TGP81EU) is printed in type label, on back side of device.
• Settings files saved from TWIG Configurator 2.03 are NOT cross-compatible between device types TGP81EU and TCP90EU.

System requirements: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. USB port, TWIG USB-miniUSB cable and C-adapter or Programming Station.
Installation instructions: Save .exe file in a folder and run it.

Download TWIG Configurator 2.03 application here:
Compatible with:
• TGP81EU devices: TWIG Protector, TWIG Protector Easy, TWIG Protector Ex, TWIG Asset Locator (in production 2009-)
• TCP90EU devices: TWIG Protector 2G, TWIG Protector Ex 2G, TWIG Protector Easy 2G, TWIG AssetLocator (in production 2012-)

Download TWIG FirmwareLoader application here:
• TGP81EU TWIG Protector, TWIG Protector Ex (in production 2009-)
• TGP81EU TWIG Protector Easy (in production 2009-)
• TGP81EU TWIG AssetLocator (in production 2009-)

NOTE: How to preserve device settings during firmware update:
• Before updating device firmware you should save device settings to PC file for later access, using TWIG Configurator.
• After saving device settings you can program ("burn") new firmware version.
• After programming firmware and rebooting, if TWIG Configurator requests password then perform Device factory reset, using TWIG Configurator.
• After device reset and reboot, edit device settings manually, or Read From File the saved settings back to device.

Download TWIG Configuration Guide here:
TWIG Configuration Guide.pdf
• Reference manual for setting up TWIG devices

Technical tips:
• Unless you have previously programmed TGP81EU device with TWIG Configurator 2.3 on your computer you may additionally need to install mingwm10.dll and wxmsw28u_gcc.dll. They are available for download here. Copy them to same directory with the executable.
• TWIG Configurator 2.03 when used with TCP90EU device does not require installing USB drivers but use Windows HID drivers instead (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP).
• If while batch programming devices you want to prevent Windows from creating new driver files (VID and PID) for each new device, please contact TWIG Support for tips.
• The over-the-air protocols (MPTP and GPRS) are backwards compatible from TGP81EU to TCP90EU to TUP90EU. For details please refer to TWIG Integrator Kit.