Compatible systems
  • Third party software
  • Compatible with TWIG devices
  • GPS tracking and alarms monitoring


GpsGate ( is a popular GPS tracking server application, pre-integrated with TWIG devices. The easily downloadable server includes 5 users free of charge. The server is a flexible platform where you can:

  • Track your TWIG devices in real time in web GUI or in your smartphone (Android or iPhone)
  • Create any type of historical report of device location and activity. The reports can be emailed to various users.
  • Set business policy rules and get real time alerts (Email or SMS)
  • Extend the platform by using the open APIs

The server is suitable if you run a tracking business or if you have a fleet of vehicles that you want to monitor and manage.

An installation guide is part of the exe-file that you can download by clicking on the link below.

To begin using GpsGate server please click on the download image below. Up to 5 users are free of charge.


Watch GpsGate installation video.

Contact us for more information on details of supported TWIG device functions.